Heaven is a fictional character in the Papa Louie series. She is pretty pessimistic sometimes and has a pretty good sense of humor. She has a older sister called Rebecca. She was born in Bronx, New York but moved to Tastyville with her sister so they can get jobs. She works at the Hotdoggeria. 

Her original clothing is a pink pastel top with a coat, blue skirt and pink shoes. Her hair color is black and is long.

If they were actually voiced and she was canon she would be vocied by Kristin Fairlie

Social Life

She was one of those gothy mean kids when she was younger, mean, manipulative, and pessimistic. Her mother hated that so she took her to a

therapist. After a few months she was cured and was how you people say it "normal".

After that she and her family moved to the city of Tastyville. Later she made friends and even got a job like she wanted! She made friends with Akari, Mary, Alberto, Willow, Mindy, Roy and made a really close friendship with Rita.

Before she was a Hot Doggeria worker she worked at Cloudberry Beauty Salon with Mindy. That is how she met her and Mindy was her first friend. She met Rita after doing HER hair at the beauty salon. After Heaven commented on her hair saying it was gorgeous Rita tells her thanks and so they have a really long conversation.

She doesn't hate the people that aren't her friends but doesn't like them as much. But she dislikes Allan for certain reasons. Such as him being prety annoying to her and flirting with her all the time saying she already has a boyfriend which she actually doesn't. How else are you supposed to drive an idiot away?

Today she works at the Hot Doggeria. She has pretty good times there, well.. unlike her sister. She isn't such a good worker. She doesn't take to well to certain customers, like Quinn. But when were we talking about her sister?