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Parmesan Division

Parmesan Division Round 1 - Johnny VS Gremmie and Clover VS Nevada

Johnny & Nevada

Parmesan Division Round 2 - Big Pauly VS Kenji and Rita VS Captain Cori

Kenji & Captain Cori

Parmesan Division Semifinals - Johnny VS Kenji and Nevada VS Captain Cori

Johnny & Captain Cori

Kenji & Nevada

Thai Chilli Division

Thai Chilli Division Round 1 - Franco VS Deano and Lisa VS Ember

Deano & Ember

Thai Chilli Division Round 2 - Gino VS Iggy and Scarlett VS Olivia

Iggy and Scarlett

Thai Chilli Division Semifinals - Deano VS Iggy and Ember VS Scarlett

Deano & Scarlett

Teriyaki Division

Teriyaki Divison Round 1 - Rico VS Alberto and Radlynn VS Olga

Rico & Radlynn

Teriyaki Division Round 2 -  Pinch Hitwell vs Greg and Sue vs Mindy

Pinch Hitwell & Mindy