My Papa's Next Chefs 2016 for the year!


Big Top Carnival Division

Summer Luau Division

Starlight Jubilee Division

Sky Ninja Division


Big Top Carnival Division

Big Top Carnival 1: Timm vs Hacky Zak & Kayla vs Trishna

Big Top Carnival 2: Iggy vs Hugo & Cecilia vs Sienna

Big Top Carnival Semifinals: Hacky Zak vs Iggy & Trishna vs Sienna

Summer Luau Division

Summer Luau 1: Matt vs Franco & Ivy vs Lisa

Summer Luau 2: Connor vs Greg & Nevada vs Shannon

Summer Luau Semifinals: Connor vs Matt & Shannon vs Ivy

Starlight Jubilee Division

Starlight Jubilee 1: Wally vs Kenji & Clover vs Sue

Starlight Jubilee 2: Allan vs Gremmie & Wendy vs Mindy

Starlight Jubilee Semifinals: Kenji vs Allan & Wendy vs Clover

Sky Ninja Division

Sky Ninja 1: Deano vs Robby & Zoe vs Sasha

Sky Ninja 2: Hank vs Johnny & Xandra vs Tohru

Sky Ninja Semifinals: Robby vs Johnny & Sasha vs Tohru


Semifinals 1: Hacky Zak vs Allan & Trishna vs Clover

Semifinals 2: Matt vs Johnny & Shannon vs Tohru

Final Match

Final Match: Matt vs Allan & Clover vs Tohru

The Winners!

Winners: Matt & Clover


  • The first time where Trishna Shannon Clover & Tohru made it to the Semi-Finals
  • The first time where Hacky Zak Allan Matt & Johnny made it to the Semi-Finals
  • Matt & Clover have lost in 2 finals each but they won in 2016
  • The next game is Papa's sushiria where no one absent and no closers except Jojo & Quinn