Hello everybody from PNC's 2014 & the event for Barney Goes To School will open in February. We have 4 divisions this month. The divisions include: Rock Candy Division, Tropical Charms Division, Lucky Sevens Division, and Jellybeans Division. And this time, 4th place will make it to the medals within 2nd, 3rd, and 1st places. Let's begin!

Rock Candy Division

  • Greg vs Deano/Olivia vs Kayla
  • Kenji vs Gremmie/Nevada vs Trishna
  • Deano vs Kenji/Trishna vs Olivia

Lucky Sevens Division

  • Hacky Zak vs Cletus/Shannon vs Clover
  • Allan vs Carlo/Wendy vs Mindy
  • Allan vs Hacky Zak/Clover vs Wendy

Tropical Charms Division

  • Wally vs Matt/Sasha vs Ember
  • Connor vs Rudy/Akari vs Ivy
  • Matt vs Rudy/Akari vs Sasha

Jellybeans Division

  • Robby vs Johnny/Cecilia vs Sienna
  • Timm vs Professor Fitz/Skyler vs Tohru
  • Professor Fitz vs Johnny/Sienna vs Tohru


  • Kenji vs Matt/Akari vs Trishna
  • Allan vs Johnny/Tohru vs Clover

Final Match

This Is It!!! We have the Keylime Rematch: Kenji & Johnny & the Sugarplum Rematch: Trishna & Tohru!

  • Kenji vs Johnny/Trishna vs Tohru


And the Winners are Johnny & Trishna!!! Congratulations!!! It's time for the Avengers School Event!

Ineligible Customers

  • Papa Louie (WPA)
  • Joy/Roy (Pizzeria)
  • Rita/Marty (Burgeria/WBA)
  • Maggie/Mitch (TacoMia)
  • Penny/Alberto (Freezeria)
  • Prudence/Cooper (Pancakeria)
  • Mandi/Chuck (Wingeria)
  • Peggy/Taylor (HotDoggeria)
  • Willow/James (Cupcakeria)
  • Utah/Doan (Pastaria)
  • Scooter/Tony (Donuteria)
  • Orfano: Future closer and he is a fan of Hyper Green
  • Horax: Furture closer and has Lorax on his shirt
  • Navelynn: Future closer and she is a fan of Root Beer
  • Xarvis: Future closer, crazy clothes, bad eyes, and has an "X" on her shirt
  • Jafario: Future closer, works on the safari, and he loves zebras
  • Kaleb: New customer during Starlight Jubilee and he has a trumpet on his shirt
  • Nina: New customer during Big Top Carnival and she loves to play games
  • Ludwig: New customer during New Year and he loves roller coasters
  • Wendorlando: New customer during Valentine's Day and she loves cards and candy
  • Zarfargenta: New customer during Pirate Bash and he has glasses so he can see far
  • Juri: New costumer during Halloween and she loves ghosts and bats
  • Julep
  • Iggy
  • Hope
  • Crystal
  • Scarlett
  • Santa
  • Mayor Mallow
  • Bertha
  • Radlynn
  • Pinch Hitwell
  • Xolo
  • Boomer
  • Hank
  • Yippy
  • Foodini
  • Kahuna
  • Captain Cori
  • Ninjoy
  • Zoe
  • Nick
  • Georgito
  • Rico
  • Xandra
  • Jojo: Closer during that time
  • Quinn: Closer during that time
  • Lisa
  • Edna
  • Vicky
  • Kingsley
  • Big Pauly
  • Sue
  • Mary
  • Olga
  • Franco
  • Clair
  • Hugo
  • Edoardo Romano
  • Gino Romano
  • Bruna Romano
  • Sarge Fan