First Tournament
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Papa's Next Chefs 2016:


Kiwi Division

Apple Division

Strawberry Division

Banana Division

The Battles:

Kiwi Division:

Round 1: Carlo Romano vs Gremmie and Edna vs Trishna.

Round 2: Hank vs Hacky Zak and Clover vs Mary.

Division Finals: Carlo Romano vs Hacky Zak and Trishna vs Clover.

Apple Division:

Round 1: Johnny vs Matt and Bruna Romano vs Nevada.

Round 2: Kenji vs Cletus and Kayla vs Sienna.

Division Finals: Matt vs Kenji and Nevada vs Sienna.

Strawberry Division:

Round 1: Wally vs Jake and Tohru vs Julep.

Round 2: Allan vs Iggy and Shannon vs Sasha.

Division Finals: Jake vs Allan and Tohru vs Shannon.

Banana Division:

Round 1: Austin vs Deano and Wendy vs Zoe

Round 2: Franco vs Brody and Janana vs Kayla

Division Finals: Austin vs Brody and Wendy vs Janana

Kiwi/Apple Semi-Finals:

Boys: Carlo Romano vs Matt

Girls: Clover vs Nevada

Strawberry/Banana Semi-Finals:

Boys: Jake vs Austin

Girls: Shannon vs Janana

The Finale:

Boys: Jake vs Matt

Girls: Clover vs Shannon

The Champions:

  • Jake and Clover!


  • The Next Gameria is going to be Papa's Grilleria.
  • Jake made his debut in the last Gameria and he has been voted to be a worker now.
  • Clover has lost in 3 finales but won in 2016.
  • The Division Names are based on the fillings in Papa's Bakeria.

Extra Info:

  • Also, I would like to thank Colin Marques for creating Jake.


The Results are where you see where the people are 4th ,3rd, 2nd and 1st.

Kiwi Division Results:

  • Fourth: Mary and Gremmie.
  • Third: Hank and Edna.
  • Second: Hacky Zak and Trishna.
  • First: Carlo Romano and Clover.

Apple Division Results:

  • Fourth: Cletus and Bruna Romano.
  • Third: Johnny and Kayla.
  • Second: Kenji and Sienna.
  • First: Matt and Nevada.

Strawberry Division Results:

  • Fourth: Sasha and Wally.
  • Third: Julep and Iggy.
  • Second: Allan and Tohru.
  • First: Jake and Shannon.