Prudence is a female character that made her first appearance in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!. She is the female worker in Papa's Pancakeria and also has a dog named Pickle that she brought along in Taco Mia!.

She is the leader of The Hippity Hop Club and plays the flute in The Rainbows.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Tastyville

Loves: Pickles

Hates: A mess

Occupation: Pancakeria Chef

Prudence can be found most mornings flipping flapjacks at Papa’s Pancakeria. She has a dog named Pickle she carries with her everywhere. Although Prudence spoils Pickle immensely, she has done an excellent job training her. Once a year, Prudence enters Pickle in the Cuddle Crown Championship, where they have won Best in Show several times.


Prudence has light-blonde shoulder-length hair clipped by her signature pink bow. She wears a pink T-shirt with pink stripes and white trim, blue jeans held by a gray belt, and white shoes with pink laces and black soles. Starting in Papa's Taco Mia, she also carries a yellow pouch, in which she carries Pickle around her.


When Sarah comes to her house, she keeps the dog out the garden, so she doesn't get scared. Sarah hates dogs (and is also scared of them.)

  • She is one of the friends of Sunny.
  • She was the first customer to be seen with a pet.