Rapunzel is a female character who made her appearance in Papa's Bakeria Deluxe Edition!

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Germany

Loves: Her Castle

Hates: Being Kidnapped

Occupation: Princess

Rapunzel is a spirited and determined young woman. Throughout her life, she's dreamt of escaping her tower to experience the outside world, but due to the strict order of her sole parental figure, Gothel, she's remained inside the tower. The use of manipulation and emotional abuse in her upbringing by Gothel has led her to believe that the world outside of her tower is highly dangerous and that remaining in the confines of her sheltered walls is in her best interest. Additional misfortunes born through her upbringing would include such traits as anxiety, low self-esteem, and excessive guilt that would often overcome Rapunzel when interacting with Gothel—especially when making attempts to realize her dream of seeing the "floating lights". This was all according to plan for Gothel, who relied on Rapunzel's emotional instability to forever maintain control over the latter. With Gothel possessing such a strong emotional hold over the princess - having forced Rapunzel to believe she was her only source of security and comfort in a dangerous and unforgiving world - the odds against Rapunzel were high.


Rapunzel is an 18 year old princess in the film and is considered a beauty. She has fair skin with a light tint of blush to it and is mostly known for her golden blonde hair which in length is around 70 feet, though her hair is naturally brown like her parents'. The hair is noticeably shiny, like satin. Rapunzel also has light freckles around her nose, large, bright green eyes with brown lashes, and slight buck teeth.


  • Rapunzel only favors Halloween in Taco Mia and Bakeri A DR and in others, she favors Cherry Blossom Festival.


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