Robby Morrison is a male character that's first appearance in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Tastyville Occupation: Deckhand Loves: Guacamole Hates: Shrimp

Robby once lived in the apartments above Papa's Pizzeria. Having spent all his rent money on pizzas, Robby desperately needed a job. He soon found an opening as a deckhand aboard a small shrimp boat for the summer. The voyage went awry when a rogue wave capsized the boat and sent him drifting to an uncharted island. After 3 lonely years, he was spotted and rescued by Captain Cori.


In his first appearance, Robby had no hair bandana. His shaved facial hair wasn't shown, making him look younger. His left eye was still normal. His shirt had blue stripes and no anchor symbol. His shoes were light brown with aqua green laces.

Present: Robby now has a red bandana. He has shaved facial hair, making him appear older. His shirt's sleeves became longer and his stripes are now white with an anchor in the middle. In the bottom of the shirt and at the end of his sleeves, it looks torn. His right eye is now halfway shut. His shoes are darker and his laces are now red. He got a minor tan in Papa's Hot Doggeria.

Robby's facial hair grew thicker, and his hair and shirt is remodeled. Like many customers, he got a pocket.

Pinkie's Next Chefs

He lost to Brody in Round 2 of the Starlight Sparkler Division by 1 vote.